Rules of Boostarz

What is it, Boostarz ?

The right to inform, to disseminate, to share, to make known to the whole world his ideas, is a fundamental right, which fits in the spirit of Boostarz. This network aims to facilitate the exercise of this fundamental right. The 'boost', this feature so special to Boostarz, is a simple little tool that allows anyone to be able to highlight its publications, but also to highlight those of others. Boostarz is a kind of low-cost sponsorship. By boosting any content (yours, others...) you bring it up to date. It will again be accessible in a privileged way in your network. It will appear at the top of the 'walls'. Before giving way to other publications that have been the subject of any interaction. Then these posts disappear from the view of most Internet users, buried by others, more recent. The boost is a feature that allows you to interact with a post, and put it forward - within the limit of the credits you have (see the help at this subject). It may be a simple but powerful tool. This is why we need to establish strict rules regarding the use of Boostarz. You can not publish anything, and adopt any behavior. All Boostarz members must adhere to the rules. Any violation will result in the blocking, suspension, or deletion of your account. The publications will be subject to moderation that will not be excessive, but vigilant. Boostarz gives itself the right to modify these rules at any time.

1. Publications :

1. 1 Pornographic and/or violent content :

Out of respect for the victims and their loved ones, you may be asked to remove the contents showing deceased persons, see delete them automatically. Regarding pornography and / or raw content, you can not use them as profile, banner, or background images. As for the distribution on Boostarz of this type of content, they can be subject to severe moderation without notice. The goal here is to protect the experience of unwanted users of this type of content, sufficiently widespread elsewhere on the Net.

1.2 Illegal use :

You must be in compliance with the laws of your country. You can not break these laws, with impunity. By accepting the Boostarz rules, you also agree not to use Boostarz unlawfully.

1.3 Copyright :

You must respect the copyrights. We will consider any complaint filed that we consider relevant. Read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

1.4 Trademarks :

Users who misappropriate logos, names, or company and corporate mentions to deceive other users will be immediately deleted without notice. However, Boostarz may reserve the right to retrieve usernames for the business account legally holding them or having a trademark on these usernames.

2. Deviant and / or inappropriate behaviors :

2.1 Harassment :

Harassment does not fit the spirit of Boostarz. This form of psychological violence will be eradicated from the network if it manifests itself, with all the means at our disposal. It is forbidden to harass any user or incite to do so. If the account with such suspicion ostensibly sends inappropriate messages or harasses one or more users, it will be suspended or deleted. Among the other criteria and factors that we take into account, there is the fact that the account shown the finger acts unilaterally, and in a threatening way. This account uses others to achieve its ends.

2.2 Incitement to hatred :

Boostarz reserves the right to remove any hate or hate content account without notice. In particular, those who attack, threaten, assault or harass based on the following criteria: ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, party affiliation, nationality, disease, age, disability, culture. Harming others for free or with interest is not part of the Boostarz philosophy.

2.3 Multiplication of accounts :

Nothing prevents you from creating multiple accounts unless you misuse them. In the case of inappropriate behavior on your part, suspicious accounts will be deleted without notice. Especially if you created them for the purpose of circumventing the deletion or suspension of another account.

2.4 Self-destructive attitude/apology for suicide and/or self-destructive behavior:

In the event that a member of Boostarz manifests self-injurious conduct, and/or incitement to do so, we may, as far as possible, alert the relevant authorities. If this account incites this type of behavior, we may be able to delete it.

2.5 Dangerous Behaviors, Illegal Content :

Dangerous behaviors, which may directly affect the integrity of the mental or physical health of the creator of the account, or those of others, illegal content such as child pornography, or the consumption of illegal or harmful substances, acts of violence on others or on oneself, can be the subject of a report to the authorities concerned.

2.6 Identity theft :

It is forbidden to pretend to be someone else, especially if it is intended to deceive others. In case of malicious behavior through this, the account concerned will be immediately deleted.

2.7 Violation of privacy :

Under no circumstances should you post or post any private information on the network that could compromise the privacy of any entity. The dissemination of confidential data such as a telephone number, the postal or digital address, a credit card number, social security, an official ID document is prohibited without the explicit authorization of the person concerned by these same data. The publication of private, private or indiscreet content is subject to the same conditions explained above.

3. Malicious or unwanted advertising. Spam.

Making yourself or others known about Boostarz can not be done in any way. To distinguish bad advertising from good, we rely on certain criteria. A user multiplying accounts with the same name will be considered suspicious. An account using the feed from another account by updating them while keeping these accounts using the usernames of those third parties may be deleted. Creating an account for the purpose of selling it is an additional criterion. In the same vein, buying and selling a Boostarz account is prohibited. You must not use an address book to send invitations to third parties repeatedly.

3.1 Phishing and malware :

It is prohibited to post links to malicious content to interfere with navigation, the user experience, corrupt a computer or third-party server, to recover sensitive data.

3.2 Spam :

To enable a good user experience for its members, Boostarz forbids spam. Spam is considered to be any unwanted and redundant information. There are a number of techniques used to spread spam. Subscribe and unsubscribe aggressively to increase the number of subscribers, manually or via an automated program. Post links regularly, and nothing else. Publish in duplicate via a single or multiple account. The account is blocked by a substantial number of excess users. The account is too often reported as showing spam. Create spurious, malicious and misleading content. Duplicate answers, mentions. Intervention in unsolicited publications or having no relation to them. Publications in off-topic walls or hashtags. Sharing posts randomly and repetitively - even aggressively - in order to attract attention. Publication of links to malicious content or 'fakes'. Creation of misleading accounts, dissemination of misleading content. Sale and purchase of interaction of accounts, posts. Use of services or applications promising to multiply subscribers and / or interactions with the account or user content lambda... If you want to remain permanently on Boostarz, please respect the General Conditions of Use as well as the rules. Any accounts that do not comply with these rules will be suspended or deleted.

Coming into force : 31/10/2018

Updated : 02/05/2023