Boostarz Privacy Policy.

Boostarz is a particular social network in the sense that it makes publishing easy, fast and cheap. When you click on the 'boost' button your publication will be highlighted in the search results and on the entire platform including the community wall. The action of clicking on the 'boost' button is considered as a sponsorship action of the publication. You can sponsor your publications like those of others, within the limit of your stock of credits (boosts). You can publish texts, photos, videos. The publications are exclusively public on Boostarz. You are responsible for what you publish. In this regard, please consult the general conditions of use and rules of Boostarz. This section ('Policy') describes how Boostarz collects, uses, and shares your information when you use its Services. When you use a Boostarz Service, or a Service covered by Boostarz's policy, or through a Service or third party partner of Boostarz, you consent to us collecting, transferring, using, disclosing, keep your data and information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and this, regardless of the place of storage of such data and information and whatever the country where is present Boostarz and this whatever your country of residence. Note that data protection laws in your country of storage may differ from your country of residence.
Please also note that Boostarz, as an independent entity, does not process the personal data of its users.

1. Concerning the collection of data and their use :

At registration, you are able to provide us with information such as your name, your first name, your e-mail address, your country of residence, your telephone number, your password and any media representing you. Data such as your full name and avatar are publicly displayed and can be returned in search results. The same is true when you change your account.

2. Coordinates :

You can use an email address to personalize your account and / or activate a Service. You agree that Boostarz uses this address to send you notifications about the activity of the network, but also to prevent you from spamming, to inform you about our Services and their update, to propose you offers, to prevent the fraud and the abuses of all kinds but also to help other users find you on the network, through third-party services and client applications. You can change your notification settings to control what you receive from our Services. You can provide us with information such as your avatar, your first and last name or business name, your location, and a description of yourself, all of which will be made public. You can download and sync your address book to invite others to join Boostarz but also to help you find your Boostarz contacts. Boostarz will also be able to suggest customized content, according to your interests or according to the preferences of your contacts. You can delete imported contacts at any time. If you contact our Services by email, we will be able to use any information related to this email to answer you. If you link your account to another service, we may receive your profile information, login information, and other information that you have made public. These cross-data help Boostarz improve its Services. They are erased in the short term after you log out of our Services from the third party service. We are not obligated to provide this additional data listed above.

3. Publications, Marks, followings, followers, boost, Boostarz...

The information and other content you publish is public. If you distribute them, it is because you want them to be consulted. Boostarz offers a simple and inexpensive method to highlight your publications and so you know the world. Our Services have been designed primarily for this purpose. Your public data is your posts, subscriptions, subscribers, sponsors, what you share, what you mark, what you comment on and sponsor. It may also be your location, your language, your time zone, your profile data, anything that identifies you and sets you apart from other users of the Services. Boostarz may use this information to personalize your experience on the site as well as to suggest ads. What you provide as public data is editable through the privacy settings accessed from your account, and / or through the editing of your profile. We may distribute and share your information to various third parties, services, and / or partners. You must therefore pay close attention to the content of your publications (texts, photos, videos, links ...). An active sponsor can be put forward rather effectively in a publication and / or a sponsored profile, so check what you sponsor and mark. In general, you are what you publish and sponsor. Your interactions with the contents of others are also taken into consideration.

4. Cookies :

A cookie is a data file transferred to your computer or other mobile device. Boostarz uses cookies and other similar means to collect additional information and thereby improve the quality of the site and the experience of network members. We also use them to understand your interaction with our Services and your browsing in general. Similarly, we monitor the usage of our Services members and the routing of web traffic. Cookies are theoretically accepted automatically by browsers but they can also be banned if you wish, or the warning object when a website tries to implement a cookie in your support.

5. Links :

We keep an accounting of how you interact with the links in our Services, regardless of these links, in order to improve the targeting of advertising for example, sharing aggregated statistics on clicks (such as the number of clicks on a link ...), and our Services in general as well as your personal experience.

6. Location :

We may receive information about your location. You can indicate this publicly in your posts and in your profile information. Boostarz is also able to determine your location using data from your device (computer, mobile support ...) thanks to data provided by a GPS, information about wireless networks, relay antennas near your mobile device or your IP address. We may retain and use this information to improve our Services, or personalize your Boostarz experience.

7. Navigation datas :

By using Boostarz, we may receive data from you such as the IP address, your location, your telephony operator, your operating system, your browser type, your original browsing history, the identifiers of your devices, your search terms, and also what cookies bring us as information. When you interact with our Services, we may receive data about your browsing of our websites, including when you authenticate to an application, a third-party service, or the Boostarz network, your account, or if you interact with notifications. by email, or if you use a Boostarz button or widget. The same applies to links on our Services, or when you install an application via our Services. This data can be used to improve our Services, and personalize your experience with Boostarz. This information is deleted at regular intervals.

8. Widget :

Boostarz can use the Widget data to customize your experience on the network, such as suggesting accounts to follow or publications to sponsor. The suggested content is kept only with cookies that identify the browser or media you are using. We tailor our Services to the websites you visit if these websites contain a Boostarz widget. When they embed a widget, they are able to send us Journal data, including the web page you just visited and the browser you are using. All this information is deleted as we receive it. The processing time of their erasure is a function of their quantity.

9. Third Party Services and Business Partners :

We sometimes use Third Party Services for the maintenance and operation of Boostarz, as well as for its improvement and customization of your use of the Services offered. These providers use data sent by your support in a request on a website, such as cookies and IP addresses. In addition, these same service providers are able to send us information such as browser-specific cookie IDs, visited website URLs, nomadic or fixed device data, third-party website accounts, address information. mail, for the personalization of the advertisements if necessary. These communications are in encrypted and secure form.

10. User's explicit agreement :

Disclosure and sharing of information is solely within the scope of our privacy policy. We do not share information about you directly and indirectly with providers who do not respect privacy. Any sharing of data is exclusively within the scope of this privacy policy. Personal data has never been publicly disclosed by us or via any third party service. We are sometimes obliged to solicit service providers in France and other countries to ensure the proper functioning of our Services; in this case, we are obliged to share data about you. However, we do not work with providers who do not respect the confidentiality of private data. About banking transactions, we share your credit card information with payment service providers for transaction processing and prevention of fraud and illegal activities, and expedite dispute resolution in the event of a retrospective refund , retro-invoicing and / or correction related to the acceptance of this method of payment. If you make a payment via the Services provided by Boostarz, we will provide the provider with your name, email address, postal address, transaction and credit card details to facilitate the resolution of disputes, the payments themselves, the order fulfillment and prevent fraud of any kind. The Services disclose and share your information according to your instructions, including when you allow a third-party website or application to access your account. Other users may share information about you, such as sharing publications or mentioning your username. If you have shared any information with a user who accesses Boostarz through a third-party service, please note that this information may be shared with that same third-party service.

11. Legal obligations :

We may be able to disclose and / or share your information with any institutional body (police, government ...) that would request it if we consider it legitimate. We have an obligation to comply with the law and possible injunctions issued by a judicial entity. This type of action is justified by the need to ensure the safety of people, data, Services provided by Boostarz, protection of private property and rights of Boostarz, and / or users. Likewise, this does not prevent you from exercising any recourse against a request from a third party concerning your personal data.

12. In case of transfer of activity :

If Boostarz is involved in a reorganization of its Services, a bankruptcy, a partial surrender, a merger and/or an acquisition by a third party, or any other transfer of business likely to affect the confidentiality of your personal information, this Privacy Policy will also apply. In connection with a sale of its Services to another entity, the latter will be obliged to comply with this Privacy Policy. We may also transfer your data to affiliates for the purpose of improving our Services as well as those of our affiliates, in particular for serving and targeting advertising and responding to advertisers' requests.

13. Public user interaction :

Boostarz may disclose public information about you to third-party companies, such as your posts, links, subscribers, subscriptions, sponsors, any form of publication on your part, anything you may make public and/or Displays publicly and unambiguously about yourself and your network. We are obligated to provide reports to advertisers regarding interactions with the advertising content they disseminate through our Services. In these reports, some content that you have made public may be there. This sharing of data is effective even if we have deleted any information about you directly or indirectly.

14. Minimum age to register on Boostarz :

You must be at least 13 years old to register on Boostarz. We do not voluntarily collect information from minors under the age of 13. In case of proven collection, we delete the account of the minor under 13 years old. If you are a parent and your child under the age of thirteen has signed up for Boostarz without your consent, please contact us.

15. Access and changes to your personal information :

The settings of your account are part of the tools that allow you to modify, correct, delete your public and personal information associated with your account. You can also delete your account. If this is the case, your account will no longer be visible or accessible through our Services. The erasure process may take a certain amount of time and, once initiated, is final. Be careful, some of this information may still be visible via search engines for example, and/or if your posts have been shared by other users.

16. Update of the Privacy Policy :

This privacy policy is updatable at any time. You may be notified in real time of any changes to this email. By registering, and by continuing to use Boostarz and its Services, you agree to abide by and be bound by this Privacy Policy.

Publication date : 31/10/2018

Updated : 24/08/2022