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Why choosing Boostarz ?

On Boostarz, the visibility of our publications depends directly on the number of connected users. If we are hundreds, we will be seen hundreds of times. If we are thousands, we will be seen thousands of times. If we are millions, we will be seen millions of times.
Let's become millions

Your visibility is automatic. Just publish ! Here you will get the popularity you are looking for, while on other social networks your audience is intentionally restricted by algorithms.

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Think Vertical

On Boostarz everything is done to grow your audience:

Our Community Wall makes your newly published content available to all users !

You can boost your posts for free, increasing their visibility.

You can also boost the posts of other users, an effective way to draw attention to your profile!

On the dominant social networks these features are either reduced or overpriced, which makes Boostarz a unique social media

No need to fight and waste time to develop your network like on historical platforms, all you have to do is click on the little arrow !

So don't hesitate a second longer, sign up, start sponsoring, become a Boostarz!

It's free !

Help Boostarz, and Boostarz will help you

Want more visibility ? Us too (lol) ! If you like Boostarz and talk about it around you, then we will do the same for you. We will do this wherever possible, with the means we have and on our scale. Promised sworn. Conversely, if you forget us, we will forget you ! You have been warned (lol) ! If you join the Boostarz project, please report yourself by… posting ! Come on, see you soon on… Boostarz !